difference between origami and origami le in independance sampler ?

Christophe-Leray wrote on 11/30/2023, 4:44 PM


I have samplitude pro x8 and when i use independence sampler it's possible to choose between origami or origami le convolution reverb. But i don't see any difference between origami or origami le !

Someone can explain to me where is the difference between this two fx modules please ?


SP. wrote on 11/30/2023, 5:03 PM

@Christophe-Leray Origami has Zplane Elastique integrated (the options with orange text color). The LE version hasn't.

Christophe-Leray wrote on 12/1/2023, 7:29 AM

Thanks for the response. Effectively the manual of indépendance page 213 says "origami additionally contains the elastique soloist time-stretch algorithm".