Differences between MEP MX premium and MEP 2015

gandjcarr wrote on 10/17/2014, 12:29 PM


To any long time MEP users using MEP 2015.  I have been using the trial version of MEP 2015 and do not see a whole lot of difference between it and MEP MX.  I had similar obervations for MEP 2013 and MEP 2014.  The biggest difference I see is that preview rendering is much faster.  I know the premium version has some extras but I really don't need them.  I also see that image stabilization has been somewhat improved, but still no where near as good as the Mercalli or New Blue stabilizers that I have which were included with some other editing apps that I have.  I'm really just trying to understand if there are any good reasons why I should upgrade.

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johnebaker wrote on 10/17/2014, 1:35 PM

Hi George

If you are a sportscam or very wide angle lens ca,era user then the Lens Correction / Perspective control is very good at removing fisheye with close up objects.

Here is a before and after still from a video clip taken on a 140 deg wide angle lens.



Note there is a zooming effect to this correction however it is perfectly acceptable given the angle of view this lens is capable of ie 140 / 170 deg view.


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Coastman wrote on 10/18/2014, 6:10 AM

I've given up upgrading to "new" versions -  for the time being,at least.  Apart from the general,overall  <speedier> response in the current version,there's really very little difference between this and a couple of earlier versions. I find every time that a new(?) version comes out,the only other differences are the bundled "extras". I have three versions on two different PCs,and they all do what I want. It seems also,that when a new version arrives,a feature from its predecessor is dropped.  I started originally with MEP Pro14,and it used to have such things called "Visualisations",which were animated effects. It also had an "Effect Mixer",whereby you could alter/create your own effects...but not any more!  But also bear in mind,that these programs are not really intended for "professionals",rather,for the dabbler/home enthusiasts like you and me,whereby most of the tools are probably more than sufficient. If you're happy with what you've got,and don't need any more of the so-called "extras",I'd suggest waiting until at least ANOTHER version is released,and see what that has to offer!  Have fun,anyway       Ray

browj2 wrote on 10/19/2014, 11:26 AM


At the beginning of the manual there is a section on "What's new." Below is the text from 2013 and 2014. I did not indicate the add-ons for Plus or Premium.

Could someone who has 2015 please give us the similar text?

George, with the 3 of these, 2013, 2014, and 2015, you should be able to understand a little better what you are missing. For me, the biggest thing was HDR Gamma.

I did not upgrade to 2015 as I have VPX6, which, theoretically, should be better. However, I would have purchased the Premium version at a discount if I had been offered it, only to have the 64 bit third-party plugins. I was offered a discount on Plus, as that is what I had previously purchased.

What's new in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013?
• Improved timeline display with video and audio in one track.
• Support of the new video standard AVCHD Progressive (50p)
• Accelerated AVCHD export with automatic graphics card recognition (NVIDIA
GeForce 8000 series and better (CUDA) or AMD Radeon 5000 series and
better (OpenCL) or integrated graphics with Intel Quick Sync Video)
• Improved user interface with quick access features.
• High-quality decorative elements and intro/outro templates.
• Fast and direct GPU calculation of all essential video effects.
• New Chroma Key Engine for perfect object extraction.
• Import of QuickTime interlaced footage. To use this feature open the "Object
properties > Intermediate image calculation" and activate "Automatic interlace
processing" and then "Interlace top field first" or "...bottom field first".

Additional features new in the Plus/Premium version
• New templates for professional movie trailers including music.
• Preview rendering for stereo 3D and multicam projects.
• Automatic synchronization of multicam projects using the audio track.

What's new in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014?
Improved multi-track performance

A significant increase in multi-track performance and faster loading times were achieved through various technological improvements.

Redesigned transition dialog

The transition dialogs will no longer open up as pop-up dialogs but are now directly
integrated (view page 102) in the Media Pool.

Additional content
• New decorative elements in the 16:9 standard (view page 137)
• New DVD/Blu-ray menu templates (view page 223)
• New intros & outros (view page 137)
• New movie templates (view page 197)
• New style templates for the Slideshow Maker (view page 209)

Accelerated processing of effects and transitions

Effects such as blur or focus as well as the 3D transitions preview are now worked out
by the GPU of the graphics card, and can be quickly calculated as with available

New control bar
The toolbar in the timeline mode has been redesigned to optimize the workflow. The most important mouse modes are now accessible with a single click, making the editing process faster and more efficient. Saving time and mouse movement (view page 43).

More innovations
Importing MET projects: You can also use MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 to edit MET (MAGIX Movie Edit Touch) projects. You can therefore begin a new project on the go with a tablet and then later use the full version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 on the PC to finish off the movie.

4K support: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 supports 4K recordings, which provide an
outstandingly detailed image quality (twice the size and four times the sharpness of
Full HD.

Subwoofer filer: This function eliminates wind noise and other noise interferences on
the audio track. You can find it in the "Audio effect presets" in the Media Pool.

User interface improvements: The program interface and dialog displays have been
optimized for the various DPI settings and monitors.

Additional new features in the Plus/Premium version
Proxy editing
With proxy editing, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus and Premium creates an easy- to-edit version of the original video file. This enables smooth navigation even for long GOP material and on low performance computers. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 uses the original files again when exporting. Therefore combining smooth workflow with first-class output quality (view page 194). 

Intel Wireless Display
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus and Premium supports Intel WiDi (Wireless Display) This technology allows you to stream the content of the preview monitor of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus and Premium on a TV screen or projector. The video playback is activated (view page 69) via the display options.

High Dynamic Range effect
High Dynamic Range effects, or high-contrast effects, can playback large differences in brightness in great detail. You can then achieve optimum image quality with unique contrast values (view page 121).

Movie Edit Touch
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus and Premium is offered in a bundle with Movie Edit Touch.

Plug-ins in the premium version
Various high-quality plug-ins from third-party manufacturers are included in the premium version, which are (view page 143) managed in the same way as all video plug-ins via the integrated "Plug-in manager".

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John C.B.

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gandjcarr wrote on 10/19/2014, 5:28 PM

Wow John C.B.

You went to a lot of trouble to pull all of this together for me.  Thank you very much.  A lot of information to digest and see if I can make good use of the new features.

Thanks again,


browj2 wrote on 10/19/2014, 6:20 PM

Hi George,

Not a lot of trouble really. I just did copy and paste from the manual and fixed up the formatting a little. I thought that the information in the manuals was a probably more precise than the marketing blurb. However, some of the new features sound better than they really are. For example. Subwoofer filer doesn't really get rid of the wind noise; at least I couldn't get it to do so. I have better tools anyways. 

I would still like to see the same list from the 2015 manual.

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John C.B.

Desktop System - Windows 10 Home 1903; 16Gb RAM; i7 CPU 860@2.80Gz; ATI Radeon HD5770 w1GB; SSD 500GB, HD 2TB; others 1.5TB, 3TB, 500GB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB; dual monitors - 27" main, 25" secondary; Casio WK-225 piano keyboard; M-Audio M-Track USB mixer; Notebook - Microsoft Surface Pro 4, i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD, W10 Pro 1903