ImSean wrote on 5/19/2013, 12:03 AM

Disapointing.....I am using Magix Music Studio. I come from using digital performer for mac after 20 years. To set up Performer took half a day or less....But this Magix and the problems associated with it are driving me nuts! I am 4 days trying to get it to work without a flaw as Performer did. I wish I still had Performer at this point.

Without going into detail which would take up ones full day just reading it.....I just have to say that it should not be so difficult for a simple midi keyboard to be used on a PC using this program or any of Magix Music programs....It takes up all of my creativity time trying to figure this out and it should not....You need a driver for this....you need a driver for that.....to use this instrument you need a higher buffer...to use that instrument you need a lower buffer....You have to unplug this in order to use this and then unplug that to play the other........Geeez Louise Stormy seas! At this point I may go back to Digital performer and invest in a mac again....

Sorry Magix...it looked good, smelled good.....but the taste was bitter! Maybe it's not all your fault.....could be the PC as well....Or Starbucks coffee! Anyhow thanks for trying!


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