Disappointing to report . . . . .

Nickillus wrote on 11/7/2018, 6:33 AM

Music Maker 2019, despite installing the latest patch to try and fix it, still crashes every five minutes. Also still has big issues with random replay of midi when editing in the piano roll. With such unreliability comes the realisation that it remains unusable as my go to music making tool. Immensely disappointing.

On the plus side the export to mp3 function does seem to work now.

Having to rely on the 2018 version, and have purchased Samplitude Music Studio as a potential alternative to pursue in future. A more complete DAW and very promising so far . . . . . . Just have to find out where everything is and how it works.


Windows 7 Pro on and i-5 with 32 gig of DDR3 RAM.


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