Display glitch on clip properties

Saxon-Scoundrel wrote on 8/5/2018, 10:24 AM

I`m a long term user of acid pro so really pleased to see a new version and keen to get back to working in the best DAW for workflow imo to date. I`ve been trying it out but the clip properties pull out window is almost entirely obscured by a big blue box, I did have this in acid pro 7 also but thought it a glitch due to the old 32 bit architecture so didn`t think it would be a problem in the new version. I`m running windows 10 on Lenovo laptop with integrated intel HD graphics 4000, no issues with any other programs I`m running like this, See the picture below for the issue, I`d love to be able to overcome this and start using Acid full time again, great to see it back. If i move the properties window around the blue box moves also into different positions, always obscuring most of the display though so it`s unusable. Any help greatly appreciated.