Do you use Music Maker? If yes then read this...

NoTurning wrote on 10/15/2008, 7:42 PM

If you use Music Maker it's almost impossible to to get any help here as there are so many different questions, products and issues.
Let's focus our Music Maker efforts by going to the GROUPS section and sign up for the Music Maker Tips, Tricks and How To. (this link might work: )

There we can discuss Music Maker and ask/answer questions. If you have any tips or tricks at all please post them. Let's start helping each other and sharing our experiences.


UPDATE: The group is now on the second page of the GROUPS area.


Lazerboy wrote on 10/16/2008, 8:48 AM
It is nice thing to found such a group, but please let us also try to answer questions here. That not all questions are answered is caused that there are still not enough people active will take more time. But as I am also active on the German site, I know that this is getting better. In Germany there are more users, more questions, but a lot more answers.....


XXMerosticXX wrote on 10/17/2008, 3:55 AM
It has been said very, very often: This is not an official Magix support page. So it's not unfair, that some questions remain unanserwed.

As Lars said, on the german page, there are more users, more questions (20 a day? 30?) and nearly ever single question get's answered - within hours.

I guess, this'd work here, too. Just need more members.

Lars is right....if exactly the people that answer and ask questions here will all go to this group, you're acting very destructive. New members come along, searchg the "question & answer" area and can't find information on problems you maybe already solved in your they ask it here, but no one answers because you all got your group.

I mean, this group is a great idea. But you shouldn't forget about the questions and answers here.
This just needs a bit more time. I'm pretty sure it'll be as quick as on the german page pretty soon.