Does the SpectraLayers 5 DEMO interfere with SpectraLayers 4?

MrSoundman wrote on 4/6/2018, 1:52 PM

I would like to try the demo of SL Pro 5 on a computer that has SL Pro 4 installed and activated. Will the demo of SL Pro 5 overwrite SL Pro 4 or cause any other problems with the existing installation?


DivideFrame wrote on 4/7/2018, 6:39 AM

On Windows, SL4 and SL5 can co-exist. On macOS, SL5 will overwrite SL4. On both platform, each activation remain valid.

Christopher-Gillard wrote on 11/13/2018, 9:35 PM

So...if I download version 5, does that mean I can continue using it after 30 days?

As info, I'm suddenly unable to open SLP4 on my 2013 iMac after updating to MacOS 10.12.6 a couple of weeks ago. My Macbook is running OS10.12.4, and SLP4 still works fine on it. I tried rolling my iMac back to 10.12.4, but no luck, it's still not opening. I also tried updating to Mojave, but no luck there either. No matter what OS version, when I click the SLP4 icon to open, it does absolutely nothing.

BUT I just downloaded the SLP5 trial version and it seems to be working perfectly.

For extra fun, the email address I originally used to register version 4 no longer exists (school email, school closed) so I can't even access my serial number to try re-downloading version 4.

emmrecs wrote on 11/14/2018, 3:46 AM


if I download version 5, does that mean I can continue using it after 30 days?

Highly unlikely I would think unless you choose to buy it.

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