download difficulty

Flavio-Sequeira wrote on 5/5/2023, 4:23 AM

I'm trying to download the suite 365 pack and it keeps stopping. and at a very slow speed. It starts very high and then goes down until it stops. I've been trying to download the 365 package for 2 days and it never ends.
My vegas pro 20, started not connecting since the last update. Charge the bar to the end and then turn off. I deleted everything and tried the new download, but I'm having trouble doing it...
Has anyone gone through this?


SP. wrote on 5/5/2023, 4:50 AM

@Flavio-Sequeira The servers are totally overloaded. An emergency patch was released for Vegas Pro 19 and 20 because it wasn't possible to start the software without disabling the internet connection.. So everybody tries download it at the moment and the servers cannot handle the load.

Some users uploaded the new versions to their own webspace at

Please follow this link to the correct forum: