Echo on every instrument since patch

anon111 wrote on 8/15/2019, 11:21 AM


I got the last few updates including a very big one and now every instrument seems to have an extra echo which I can't turn off, which makes most instruments just sound very horrible.

Interestingly, pressing or holding buttons like shift or control on the real keyboard which aren't supposed to play a sound play a weird click sound or other weird sound repeatedly. So for example, pressing alt would open the menu and play a weird sound forever, because the program doesn't know the button isnt held anymore. Same for alt tabbing to another window.

Sound option is ASIO-Driver, cause sadly, since a patch a year ago all other modes stopped working, so I'm unable to voice with others or let others listen or use other programs. At least I don't have to switch the audio modes twice with every program start anymore to get the sound working since the new patches, but the program is even more unusable now.


Any known way to fix this or report likely bugs?

And is there a way to not make that new popup open when you start the program?

Win 7 64 bit, not using any extra mods, just the basic program.


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