Edit Properties (Track Info) not saving changes to file

Thomas-Thompson wrote on 10/8/2021, 10:07 PM

I'm trying to update a set of MP3 files with updated track info and cover images. I've selected the set of files, right-clicked to get the menu, and selected 'Edit Properties (Track Info)' to get the edit track info dialog box. I've edited the common fields and added the cover image for the files, but when I click OK, the files don't update with the information. I've also tried selecting the individual file and dragging the cover image onto the box in the lower left to add it to the track, and that doesn't seem to work, either. Any ideas? I'm using MP3 Deluxe 19 on a Lenovo Legion 5i laptop with 32GB of RAM, so I don't think horsepower is an issue.


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