Effects don't register, just hang.

Kjk-Kjkjkj wrote on 11/17/2018, 2:55 PM

Hi, I'm trying to register the effects from the Humble Bundle Vintage Effects Suite and it just hangs. Has anyone got a useful response from support about this? Does registering them by email work?


I've registered the standalone products fine, so I'm going to try and register the effects from within Vegas. Fingers Crossed.


Aha! I got further this time, installed Vegas and it got me to the register screen, but now it's not accepting my password.


Woo! it actually unlocked it, but didn't register it. So if you get that problem just back out and see if your effect now works.


leafydale wrote on 12/24/2018, 3:36 AM

I had the same problem, it was hanging and not even asking me for my password. Here is what I did to solve it:

I started one of the effects from Vegas Pro Edit 15. The registration screen came up.

Then I chose the activate offline option, and clicked on the offline fax it generated, so that I could find out the Computer ID.

Then I logged into the Magix.com website and went to My Service Center and registered the Vintage Effects with the serial number. Then I chose the option for "Create activation code" and entered the Computer ID. This generated an activation code that I entered into the registration screen at the effect in Vegas Pro.

Finally, it activated!

ralftaro wrote on 4/18/2019, 7:06 AM

Hi there,

If you're getting this particular activation problem with the pro audio effect plug-ins or some other (usually slightly older) MAGIX products, you should be able to work around this by pre-registering the product on our website:


Create a MAGIX account, if you don't have one yet, and register the product. Make sure to activate the newsletter as well (you can unsubscribe from it again later on). Once this is done, try the local product activation again. You'll find that the direct online activation will go through this time. (The pre-registration of the serial number and the activation of the newsletter essentially bypasses the need to spawn a web browser window during the activation procedure, which is what causes the problem on some systems. In the most current MAGIX generation, this should no longer be an issue, but the pro audio plug-ins are slightly older and use an older version of the DRM system.)