rraud wrote on 11/16/2023, 9:57 AM

Hi @Steph_P, the Sound Forge Pro Suite has numerous restoration tools. The legacy Noise Reduction Pack (aka, NR-2.0) and iZotope's RX Elements can be installed using with the main Sound Forge Installation manager. SpectraLayers Pro (SLP) must be downloaded from Steinberg, Both RX Elements and SLP will need to be activated separately after installation using the activation serial codes Magix emailed you after purchase.

RX Elements is a 64 bit VST plug-in. Confirm there is a VST search folder path to it in "Options> Preferences> VST Effects".
NR-2.0 is a Direct X plug-in and should be in the 'Tools' Menu.
SLP can be used as a ARA plug-in in the 'Tools' menu.. or separately as a stand-alone application.
All the plug-ins are in the 'View> Plug-in Manager' as well and can be added to 'Plug-in Favorites' from there.
FWIW, NR-2.0 and RX Elements basically have the same tools, Noise Reduction, Click/Crackle remover; and Clipped Peak Restore. RX can be easier with the auto mode Both can capture a 'noise print' which is usually more accurate.

Steph_P wrote on 11/16/2023, 5:50 PM

Thank you for all your help.