Encoding error, cannot burn DVD

Surb wrote on 4/5/2010, 5:33 PM
When trying to burn a DVD with Photostory 8, I continue to get an encoding error.  The following is the last lines of the log for 2 separate attempts:

(date) 078: Step 4 of 6, Creating DVD image...Error: 84F
(date)468: MDA reports error 0x84000fb4 - read file from source failed

(date)656: Step 4 done
(date)656: ERROR: PrepareDVDVideoFiles() failed with errNo 5 - encoding failed
(date)781: !!! DBK error in BurnProject: 45 - movie encoding failed !!!

I've tried several changes/adjustments to my transitions, photos, etc, but get the same results.  My burner will copy another DVD so I know it is working properly.  I have uninstalled & re-installed Photostory with no change.  I've struggled with this program for weeks!  Does anyone have a suggestion about how to correct this??  The forum doesn't seem to work, so if you have any thought about this problem, please e-mail me at surber58@windstream.net.  I would like to hear of other user's experiences with this program.  Many thanks!


gbosel50on wrote on 4/15/2010, 5:38 AM
Sorry, I can't answer your question as I'm having the same prob myself and
the techno geeks's silence on this is deafening. I get up to step 6 out of 8 then "error encoding' on my burning project. I'm running Windows XP on my computer and I'm at a loss and getting pissed off at Magix when I could've bought Corel or Adobe PhotoShop for the same price. I burned one project, bewdy, then the shit started on the others. Does anyone from Magix monitor this site or is it geeks only? Once you buy a program like Magix, if you don't know shit, then you're on your own. So, Suber, you're not alone and I hope someone out there can point us in the right direction. What's the use of a photo program if you can't burn it? Has everyone have to crowd around my computer to see my project?