Error while executing the new Projekt chunk

Jesnie wrote on 3/24/2019, 6:09 AM

Hi there

In Maigx Music Maker version i keep getting this error "Error while executing the new Projekt chunk"
I have reinstalled Magix Music Maker several times now, and checked my memory usage. When magix is running i have nearly 10 Gb fre memory.
Sometimes it allso states than there arent enough memory, but even states that there are more then 60% free memory (about the 10 Gb)

These errors only happens when i try to use VST instruments.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening, and how to resolve it?


Vincent-Allain wrote on 3/24/2019, 5:46 PM

I do get that "chunk" error myself from time to time. For some reason, when I reload the project it seems to dissappear.

For your memory problem, just a reminder that MMM is a 32bit program. I don't remember that exact number, but it simply, by design, cannot use more that 3,2Gb of RAM.

Also, if you want actual support from Magix, you will have to open a ticket with them by sending an e-mail to or using the online form. However, you can still get pretty good tips and advice form the knowledgable people here on the forum. Maybe even resolve some of your problems without opening a ticket.


Jesnie wrote on 3/26/2019, 3:17 AM

In that case MM is useless for me. I tend to use a lot of intruments, 40-50, and make songs that are more than 10 minutes long.
I wonder why magix havent upgraded music maker to run on 64bit, so it can utilise as much memory is requires.

Vincent-Allain wrote on 3/26/2019, 4:08 PM

I've read that the next major version may be 64bit. But I too wonder why they haven't updated it...

Vincent-Allain wrote on 3/26/2019, 8:58 PM

Also, I would be interested to hear your creations, sounds like something that I would be interested in :) Do you have anything on SoundCloud by any chance?