Export Crash (possible solution)

Lance-Patterson wrote on 11/3/2019, 5:56 PM

Hey all, just found a weird solution to a crash problem I was having in Samplitude Music Studio.

Everytime I tried to export a song i was working on, the program crashed. I did not receive error messages associated with this, and I didnt have the problem on other songs. Eventually I was going through and freezing all the tracks to see if reduced load would help. I found a specific track that was crashing everytime I tried to freeze it, similar to exporting the whole track. I copy and pasted the track twice, split the track so that some objects were on one track, and some on another. Deleted the old track. They both froze successfully, and then I exported the whole song successfully.


Weird fix. Its like the original objects were somehow glitchy or failing, but copies were not. Or maybe the track was malfunctioning for some reason. I don't know.


Maybe this will help someone.


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