Export Regions Crashes Program

CTP8023 wrote on 12/12/2019, 11:16 AM

I've extracted an audio CD into a single file and saved it as an MP3. It works well enough on a Thumb Drive in my car but I'd like to have more control than a single file for the entire CD. The file contains regions and tracks that match the original CD. However, when I try to export/extract regions to files or tracks to files, the program crashes. I'm using Sound Forge Pro 13 on a Toshiba Qosmio laptop.


rraud wrote on 12/12/2019, 6:38 PM

Magix is aware of the 'extract regions' issue and states they will address it next month (Jan 2020).
This affects both 32 and 64 bit SF Pro 13 using either the 'Tools' menu command or an extract regions script. SF Pro-12 extracts regions normally. I do not know about the AS version.

Richard-Schoener wrote on 12/14/2019, 5:12 PM

I've been experiencing the same issue with SFP13 for months, So, as a workaround, I'd extract the regions in SFP12 until it stopped extracting after a recent Win10 update. Now I am without extraction options until Magix gets around to making a patch next year! So sad that a company the size of Magix has no phone support for USA users. Oh yes, they list a Pro-Audio support Nevada phone number but no one ever answers and there is no way to leave a message. They also do not respond to text messages.


J.Chur wrote on 2/11/2020, 9:19 AM

Did this get addressed last month? I just bought SF Audio Studio 14 and can only find an option for burning the regions from my file as separate tracks on a CD. Can someone either help me to find this functionality in SF 14 (not in tools anymore) or to understand if there are plans to add it in?

emmrecs wrote on 3/25/2020, 7:46 AM


You will see I have hidden your post because you have posted the same question to another thread. Please do not duplicate questions in this manner. This thread is about the problem of Exporting Regions causing a crash; your question is about how to extract and export multiple files to mp3 format, which is much more relevant to the other thread you posted in.

Please continue any further discussion there.

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