johnebaker wrote on 1/22/2013, 12:30 PM


You have 2 options to do this in Timeline mode - if you are in Storyboard or Scene overview then switch to Timeline mode.

Option 1  - use the Object trimmer - right click the video clip to be changed then select Object trimmer

     See image below - to change the fade in change the value in the box marked 1 or use the arrow keys either side of the box,  to change the fade out change the value in box 2 .  The value is the number of frames you want to fade in/out to occur over.  Ok when done


Option 2

Select the appropriate clip and drag the handles (3 and 4 in image below which is not visible because the other object is selected) that appear top left or top right of the selected object to alter the fade in/out as required - you will see the fade in/out as shown in the image. Note you will not see the Object trimmer as shown in the image above using this method


My personal preference is option 1 - it is more accurate



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williamandrews06 wrote on 1/23/2013, 3:41 PM

John, thankyou for your detailed reply. I have followed your advice and have managed fade in and out. I did not find it easy, more a matter of trial and error but practice makes perfect I hope. I put together my first movie and tried to upload it but a five minute movie seemed to take hours then it discontinued. I think that will be my next question. Bill