Failed to load VST plugin: VITA.dll

poppsam wrote on 8/19/2008, 11:51 AM
After  writing back and forth with Magix support I finally got my problem resolved, woohoo!
They asked me to do a systemcheck, save the syscheck file and then send it back to support for evaluation. The syscheck showed that I needed a patch for my Music Maker 14 download version and to download it from this link:

After this update was installed I started Music Maker again, went in to settings and choose "general" and clicked the button that said: "VST instruments - reset data", clicked OK and that was it. Now it works properly:-)
Hi all!

I just bought the Magix Music Maker 14 and I have a problem with the Vita synthesizer. When I try to load Vita it gives this error:

Failed to load VST plugin: VITA.dll

When I tried to load Vita for the first time, a box popped up and asked me to specify a path to the VST instruments. But I wasn´t sure what that was so I skipped it for later and since then I got this error (it didn´t give me a second chance to specify a path to the VST instruments).
I even tried reinstalling MM14 and downloading the 3 contentpacks but it didn´t work.
I also wrote support and they gave me a link to Vita fix that didn´t work ( and so I wrote them back and told them that the link didn´t work, but I haven´t heard from them since (that was 6 days ago).
So now I turn to you guys and I really hope that someone can help me!

Kind regards,


Man o' Lakes wrote on 8/20/2008, 5:00 AM
Yep, those urls can change quicker than you think. Did anything get in the way of your initial installation, like security software, such as Norton? That can prevent a clean install at times. Turn that off and trying another installation is helpful. XP ro Vista? If Vista, make sure you install as administrator. A lot of people use safe mode when installing, 'cos it makes sure, if you're not, that  nothing  gets in the way of the installation. That's  why good  old MS included.  See how you get on.