SP. wrote on 5/10/2023, 5:13 AM

@stephen-reynolds I think that file size would be about 6,7 GB. Not sure why you would need 300 dpi resolution for a print that is 12 m^2 large. 300 dpi is usually for high quality magazines which are right in front of your face. Your print is probably looked at from several meters away, so a much lower resolution would be totally fine.

WebP can have a size up to 16383 x 16383 pixels. At 300 dpi the short side of your file would already be 200 /2.54 * 300 = 23622 pixels long. That would be way too big. And the 6 meter side would have three times as many pixels.


stephen-reynolds wrote on 5/10/2023, 5:20 AM

The highest res it would give me was 69dpi which is not too good I think. When forwarded to a printing company they commented that the image was too small and would have to be stretched. Yet when I exported it was 6m by 2m for a banner. Received size was 5m by 1.6m so the program is not giving what I need and I am wondering why?

SP. wrote on 5/10/2023, 8:47 AM

@stephen-reynolds Do you export the file as PDF? Works fine for me. 6m*2m with 300 dpi CMYK color mode.