asoeli wrote on 9/7/2010, 2:40 AM

I don't know your program, but there must be a way to "export" the video. Try to see under "File".

tbach wrote on 9/7/2010, 3:01 AM

I did´nt work with Magix movies on dvd but i think, like in Video deLuxe, mvm is the project format. Means, all Videos but also the edits are linked in this file and you cannot play this directly.


You must burn or export this project in the format you prefer

Man o' Lakes wrote on 9/7/2010, 4:56 AM

The export option is definitely under File. Here you can choose the format of your choice.

The mvm file is a simple container file, including info as to where the original source material

is, effects added etc, but not an actual video file. That's how non-destructive editing works,

leaving the original source file unaltered.


You should see WMV under File, Export ..




M o' L