Freedrum Dongle not recognized

dupperware wrote on 1/30/2020, 8:27 AM

Hello there,

after installing sensorware, I plug in the usb dongle, which pops up under 'Other devices' in Windows 10. After a few seconds, it reads 'Driver error'.
When I turn on the sensors, they do not show up in the devices list. Nor when blinking blue, nor when constantly lighting yellow.

I do see BomeMIDI:Freedrum (!) in the Other devices list.

I already tried reinstalling Sensorware, to no avail

I could not install Music Maker from DVD, so I went online installed version from the website.

I'd appreciate any help!

Robert Dupper


hospart wrote on 1/30/2020, 8:40 AM

Freedrum problems. why does it insisit i download music Maker when i already have the latest version on my PC i dont want to replace it with an older version on the disc that came with Freedrum. and how do you get the app for PC it just has Andriod versions? its all very difficult when it should'nt be this hard.

johnebaker wrote on 4/2/2020, 1:37 PM



The issues with Freedrum and Sensorware should be taken up with the makers/developers.

John EB
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