LIONEL-KIMSEY wrote on 10/3/2018, 4:20 AM








I am having the same issue. I do not even think I was given the option to SIGN IN with my email. It just appeared and then after I finally figured out how to make the app controls pop up, there was not even a logout option or really any helpful option for that matter. The phone app has an "export settings" option, it asks for your email. However, I go to check my email, No email. Now it says it uses it to transfer only the loops and samples used to make your beat, YET, I found that none of those were present nor was my beat. I contacted magix about 2 months ago, they apologized for the delayed response and HOPED I had rectified the situation by then, basically after a month of hearing nothing. THAT WAS ALL, pointed me to this FORUM with a link, I checked, ONCE AGAIN, SURPRISE SURPRISE, NOT A SNOWBALLS CHANCE THAT THERE WAS SOME SOLUTION! SO HERE WE ARE, CUSTOMERS of MAGIX paying for things that we cannot seem to get to work correctly, then not being able to contact a PERSON which actually collects a pay check from them, in order to resolve our issues. I think the last company that ran this way was ENRON and WORLDCOM. SO WE shall see what comes of this. The new a.i. answering services along with companies pushing the products made by contracted software engineers will be sifted through once other smaller more attentive companies enter the market and just HAMMER ones like this one.

ralftaro wrote on 10/12/2018, 9:12 AM

As far as the original poster and question goes, please note that the Windows version of Music Maker Jam is very different from the Android and iOS ones. It doesn't feature the whole community/user system, let alone the virtual currency system to manage your purchases and account. It uses your Windows/Microsoft store account to manage your in-app purchases. So, it's a completely separate platform, and you wouldn't be able to sign in your JAM account from Android/iOS.


@LIONEL-KIMSEY: It's somewhat hard to follow your post and what problem/question you're actually having. If it's really the same as the original poster, I just addressed it above.

The project export option in the Android version is prompting you to enter your registered MAGIX e-mail address, not for the purpose of sending you an e-mail, but for the purpose of storing the e-mail address in the project file (to compare it to your registered address when importing the project into MAGIX Music Maker on the PC). The project gets store in a location on your Android device, which you also have to specify in this export process.

Finally, please note that Music Maker Jam hasn't been a MAGIX product in quite a while now. If you need to contact JAM (Just Add Music) for support, you can do it via the following e-mail address: I can personally assure you that the support staff there is very helpful and attentive.