Glitches in playback

mary-o wrote on 1/4/2023, 8:45 PM

Hi all.

I do voiceover and one of my clients told me that there were some kind of 'frequent technical glitches occurring throughout" on the set of wav files I sent them. I did not hear them at 1st, but upon further review..they're there... they're little 'clicks' here and there.


They suggested the buffer setting is too low. The default for playback is .20. I changed setting to .10...still glitches.

Then I checked the record buffer setting. The default for that is 1.00. I recorded new file with setting in .80 as well another at 1.20. Still glitches.

It seems this all started happening after I did a software update to Sony Magix 16 not too long ago.

Client is in Australia, and I was wondering perhaps if it happened when I sent files via We Transfer.?? Not likely though.

I unplugged and re-plugged in all of my components and now I'm going to try computer reboot. Any suggestions on what could be causing the issue and how I can fix it? Clients want audio files like yesterday! Thanks for you help all!



SP. wrote on 1/4/2023, 9:47 PM

@mary-o The buffer size is set in the driver settings, for example see this screenshot for the Microsoft Sound Mapper. Click Options > Preferences > Audio > Advanced. A higher the selected value means a bigger buffer. This will increase latency but decrease losses of recorded samples (which might be heard as clicks and pops in the recording).

In case you use another audio driver this window will look different. For example, this is how it will look like for my Focusrite ASIO driver.


craig-d wrote on 1/5/2023, 2:18 AM

Hi @mary-o! i'm assuming you mean that you're using Magix Sound Forge Audio Studio 16 (the exact name is important, as different programs/versions have different solutions sometimes, and Sony hasn't been in the picture for quite a few years)...

Most likely, you just need to make the following change in your settings: try clicking Options > Preferences > General and check the box 'Always proxy compressed formats'...this should get you up and running properly!

rraud wrote on 1/5/2023, 11:07 AM

Seasons Greetings @mary-o, WeTransfer does not re-encode files like YouTube. Spotifiy, ect., ect. so it is unlikely that is the source of the "frequent technical glitches" .
Did the noise occur prior to installing "Sony Magix 16" .. which I assume is Sound Forge 16 (Audio Studio or Pro). FWIW, Sound Forge 11 was the final 'Sony' version. which was published just prior to Magix's acquisition in 2016.
What sample rate/bit depth are the wave files. It is possible the noises are only the clients playback system or software. I have had this happen a few times with audio and video files. When instructed to try another system, the files playback fine.
Can you post a sample file on WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or other cloud share site? It may be possible to ID the source or the noise.

mary-o wrote on 1/16/2023, 9:48 AM

Hi all...


New question for you...Does Magix Sound Forge 16 have a de breath feature? and if not, does it support any de breath plug in? Many thanks. Mary

rraud wrote on 1/16/2023, 11:35 AM

Hi @mary-o, Sound Forge Pro does not have a specific de'breath tool that I am aware of. An expander with a side-chain filter (EQ) may work to some extent though. I have used the Waves Audio DeBreath tool which worked decently. That and the other Waves Audio vocal plug-ins are currently on sale for $30 usd.. but not after today.