Gracenote suddenly dissapeared.

anthony-grey wrote on 11/28/2017, 4:31 AM

I have Sound Forge Pro 11. I've been tagging MP3 files using the Gracenote button that comes up when extracing from CD but today it suddenly vanished. My internet is on and I have tried a system restore and re-installed Sound Forge but it's just not there any more. I know other people have had this problem but there has never been a solution.

I do wonder if when uninstalling Sould Forge a lot of data is left behind as my VST plugins were still in place after re-installing. Could the problem be that somewhere in my computer there is a file that is causing the problem that is not removed during the un-install.

Any help would be appreciated as I still have a lot of cutting and tagging to do.


emmrecs wrote on 11/28/2017, 10:19 AM

Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

Unfortunately I can't comment on the matter of the missing Gracenote button since I don't own SF nor need to access the Gracenote database.

Your question about uninstallation though I can, perhaps, offer some guidance on. First, software that I regularly use when I wish to remove all vestiges of any software is Revo Uninstaller, available here. That link is for the Pro, paid for version, but there is also a free version, although that is not so well specified as the Pro version.

You particularly mention your VSTs as being still in place. Are these VSTs installed as part of SFP11, or are they separate installs? If the former, then I would agree that they ought to be removed if you remove SFP. OTOH, if they are "separate" then they should not be uninstalled if SFP is removed.



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anthony-grey wrote on 11/29/2017, 3:53 AM

Thanks for the reply I'm feeling that the problem I'm having would have been resolved just by normal re-install. I have installed my old Sound Forge 9 and although the button for Gracenote appears the message "An error occoured attempting to connect to the Gracenote service", comes up when pressed. Then looking at the error details "Unanticipated error from the Gracenote service" appears.

So I've installed Sound Forge Pro 11 onto a different computer which has never had it on before and is also running windows 10 and again the Gracenote button does not appear so it's not a fault with my main PC or Sound Forge but with Gracenote themselves.

Interestingly though Sound Forge 9 wanted me to register with Gracenote before I could use it but 11 has never asked that and was working fine.

I have read online how Winamp suddenly lost it's Gracenote connection after it was bought out but it was going to loose it anyway almost as if Gracenote decides it's not going to allow that feature anymore in some packages. Maybe because it wants customers to pay. Maybe this is the case with Sound Forge now? They might want to check this out and if so put out an urgent message to all users and make sure all the adverts for Sound Forge no longer boast Gracenote.

Hopefully I am wrong as it has saved me hours of manual tagging and Sound Forge has allowed me to cut Mp3's that sound so close to the original CD to listen to on my HI-Fi in my living room so all my music is there at the click of a button without having to hunt through my collection. I don't want to cut them on any other package as the MP3 options are fantastic. Great for parties as well.

Any help or information will still be greatly received.

Thank you.