Aussieonyak wrote on 2/26/2009, 10:43 PM
I have Music Maker 14 and have used the harmony agent on a music track and it has produced a track which shows the guitar harmony chords. It plays no sound though and I am wondering what is the purpose of it?

I did think that the purpose was as it suggested - a harmony maker so that I would have a musical harmony track to go with my song?

Anyone know what its purpose is (apart from showing the chords?)



NoTurning wrote on 2/27/2009, 8:45 AM
It's just a bit miss-leading. It makes chords so you can play along or play harmonies as you discovered.

To create a harmony for your song you actually have several choices. First try elastic audio. That will help you create harmonies for your songs.
NoTurning wrote on 3/4/2009, 8:45 AM
Yeah - you're right.
You can still create harmony by splitting your track and section out the area you want harmonized. Then you can copy that section to a track just above or below the original and shift the pitch up or down two whole steps (or more depending on your desired results). This will give you two part harmony. Now if you want to get real fancy do this again but copy your harmony clip to a new track and shift it another two whole steps. Now you have a convincing three part harmony.

I recommend zooming WAY in and shifting these samples ever so slightly so they do not play at precisely the same time. A very minor deviation adds realism and makes the harmony sound authentic. You can also play around by having each sample come in one after another and build.

Let me know how you do,
NoTurning wrote on 3/4/2009, 8:15 PM

Glad it's working for you! To answer your question about elastic audio... NO; it's not worth it. It's really not good software, it leaves artifacts in your sound and is the absolute worse in it's class. You can make it work well and do some cool things with it but it's not worth paying for.