MrSoundman wrote on 6/1/2019, 4:38 AM

.... apparently, yes! See here: ... and for more interesting background information, see here:

JMartin wrote on 6/1/2019, 10:38 PM

Well. Nice of Magix to be so forthcoming. I suppose this means version 5.0.140's full screen display problem will not be fixed. I haven't been able to find a newer version.

Thanks much for the news MrSoundman!

condex wrote on 6/2/2019, 8:01 AM

Very interesting. I seriously think that this will be the end of SL progression for me.

MrSoundman wrote on 6/2/2019, 12:05 PM

Au contraire, as well as SL6 continuing as a standalone application, I'm actually thrilled at the prospect of being able to access SpectraLayers as an ARA2 plugin from within Cubase/Nuendo (and don't forget, Soundforge now also has ARA2) .... but even moreso that it's joining the Steinberg family alongside WaveLab. Let's face it, it's a specialised audio product which will flourish in the company of other equally specialised products, and with Steinberg, they all have the backing of Yamaha., so I think the future is bright.

There's likely to be a good upgrade deal for existing users of earlier versions of SL so watch this space ....

ste_c wrote on 7/3/2019, 7:50 AM

SpectraLayers Pro 6 is released !

condex wrote on 7/13/2019, 9:07 PM

There's likely to be a good upgrade deal for existing users of earlier versions of SL so watch this space ....

Yes, as it turned out, the upgrade to SL6 was very good, and I did on fact upgrade. The two main things I noticed were that SL6 displays properly in full screen (SL5 didn't) and it displays well on a high DPI monitor. However, as far as ease of use goes, SL6 is a retrograde step that makes it a pita in comparison to SL5.

Prior to SL5, the program would revert to the default settings for all the modification and drawing tools (i.e. brush type and size, unit type, hardness, etc) so that all those settings had to be reset each and every time SL was opened. Happily, this was addressed in SL5 - each time SL5 was opened, it would retain all the modification and drawing tools settings from the previous session. But now with SL6, its gone back to the old 'user-unfriendly' days where the previous session's settings aren't memorised, it reverting to the default settings each and every time the program is opened. This is just unacceptable given that 'last session memory' was in SL5.

SL6 does have an Interface Layouts function, but it is necessary to go through a number of keystrokes to access it - and it doesn't open as the default layout (has to be selected on each opening of SL6) - and it doesn't retain the tools settings anyway.

Further, SL6 can't be accessed through Sound Forge Pro 12 or 13, the Tools linking to SL in SF still going to the MAGIX release of SL - a workflow that I regularly use (Vegas Pro audio event on the VP timeline to Sound Forge Pro, then the SF Tools link to SpectraLayers).

For me, its back to SL5, and SL6 can be put into the "an unfortunate waste of money" basket - but at least the upgrade cost wasn't all that great.