Headphone monitoring cutting out whilst recording issue in v4

MrMorden wrote on 1/29/2024, 11:56 AM

I had audio cleaning lab 3 and worked ok with no issues apart from losing codec occaisonally.

I installed v 4 today and apears to import from vinyl ok, but now headphone monitoring cuts out every few seconds, almost like its buffering.

Headphone is a usb soundblaster tactic alpha

Pc is an i7 9700k, 32GB Ram, 1 tb ssd for programs/windows internal wd black hd for recordings/projects

On play back recording appears ok, but this means its virtually impossible to do realtime monitoring.

I tried switching from mne to wdm but this made no difference and also unticking filter dc offset.

Im recording using flac at defaults.

Using v3 this did not happen.


Any help appreciated, thanks.



Ill maybe just uninstall v4 and go back to v3 as it never did this.


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