AkelixE wrote on 2/17/2019, 5:39 PM

I've had a similar issue but was able to remedy it by switching to ASIO4ALL drivers.

Check out this thread, it's for Music Maker but the concept is the same.

Try it out and see if it helps?


vokulsky1 wrote on 2/18/2019, 1:50 PM

Unfortunately. I switched to ASIO4ALL but nothing has changed. You can still hear crackles like on a vinyl record. Until then, everything was fine but this problem appeared on Sunday

emmrecs wrote on 2/19/2019, 4:13 AM


One thing you might want to check and try: with the ASIO4All control panel open have a look at the two settings highlighted in my screen shot. Depending on what they currently are, try increasing them, the Audio Buffer first.



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