Help Decide Purchase - MTS files & Audio sampling rate

Sunrader wrote on 3/22/2019, 5:11 PM

With limited time, I'm trying out several new video editors today, so please forgive my questioning without having read the manual, yet...

I imported an MTS file into the trial, but the trial doesn't support it, so I want to verify... To what degree will the full version support MTS files? Can I edit them directly?

I'm looking for a new editor because Camtasia is knocking my 48khz sampling down to 44.1 and distorting my audio. Will I be able to use 48khz audio sample rate without loss with Magix Edit Pro Plus?

I'm comparing Camtasia 8, Windershare Filmora 9, Corel VideoStudio Pro X6, and Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus, so if anyone wants to weigh in on other features I should know, please do.



johnebaker wrote on 3/22/2019, 6:38 PM



. . . . . will the full version support MTS files? . . . .

Yes, assuming there is nothing peculiar about them, ie they are from a video camera eg Sony, Panasonic, etc or other source that records standard AVCHD (MTS) format.

. . . . Can I edit them directly . . . .

Yes, also editing is none destructive.

. . . . . use 48khz audio sample rate without loss . . . .

Yes that is the best audio samplerate to use.

. . . . other features I should know . . . .

Check that your PC is well above the minimum spec for handling AVCHD video.

Note for best performance you need an Intel processor with integrated GPU, the lowest spec for working properly with AVCHD video is an Intel i5 4xxxx series with HD4600 integrated GPU. Later versions of the i5 or i7 are better.

Also consider 16 GB RAM and large hard drive(s) or SSD drive(s) as a minimum.


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