HELP! Sound Forge 9 Will Not Persist Sample Rate, Reverting to 44.1

Audioicon wrote on 10/28/2017, 11:10 AM

Hello All:

I am currently using Sound Forge 9 and I am having some serious issues with the Software Keeping the set Sample Rate.
Under Audio --> Advanced, I am able to set the Sample Rate but regardless of what I change it to, the moment I click Apply, it reverts back to 44.1k causing a nasty pop-sound in my speakers.

My Audio Interface is RME UFX PLUS and it is set to ASIO, BITS, 96KHZ.

The moment I open Sound Forge there is a loud pop as it reverts the Sample Rate from 96k to 44.1, if I change this and apply, it goes right back.

This is really killing my creativity.



rraud wrote on 10/28/2017, 2:24 PM

Is that SF Pro 9.0 or the Audio Studio version? Either way, I would think it's an issue with the interface. Don't know about the RME, but my Echo interface had an option to lock the sample rate which could/would cause problems.

Try changing the device type to something other than ASIO. Classic Wave driver was always stable and as I recall ASIO did not work well in SF.