Help, where are the Acid Pro 10 Video Tutorials? Help please. Beginner

Pam wrote on 7/30/2020, 8:31 PM

I am a beginner with Acid Pro 10 (a Digital Audio Work Station). I see tutorials for other products but not mine. The videos really help me a lot. I use Windows 10 for the PC-Desktop. The tutorials inside of the program itself are very limited. If tutorial videos are available, can anyone please tell me where to find them? This would be very helpful and kind.


MarcoStorm wrote on 7/31/2020, 12:19 AM

Dear @Pam,

please check our Youtube channel: There you find some videos. This video may also be helpful:

Best regards,


Pam wrote on 8/1/2020, 7:51 PM

Thanks MarcoStorm. I have seen this video before and can find very little on the Magix site under tutorials. At this time, I have to piece together videos from Youtube, which I prefer not to do. I prefer to have a video tutorial for Acid Pro 10 specifically and begin correctly from Day1-the beginning. I am a visual learner primarily. I can learn 10 times faster by watching someone else use Acid Pro step-by-step. It's my understanding Acid Pro 10 is appropriate for all experience levels, even beginners. We all have our time constraints these days in some way. I just want to get to the most needed fundamentals to create a moderate level quality mix. I don't have enough time in years of life to become a professional DJ, although, if given another life, I would do so for sure. :) In fact, the most attractive feature, for me as a novice, are the automation features. However, I need to learn a few other things first. I just literally don't have time in life to waste. This will be my last accomplishment in life. If anyone knows anyone on Youtube who can give me the basics to begin a project & the fundamentals of mixing that would be wonderful. I can already set-up the tracks but I don't know how to keep the tempo the same for some tracks. I know about the "One-Shot" feature but it did not seem to work for me. The tempo would change no matter what I did to prevent the track's tempo or BPM from changing. I have a few other tracks I would like to keep the same BPM also. I realize this is not the norm but the particular tracks/songs are slow songs and they would lose their meaning otherwise. I could certainly add some effects to all of the tracks individually as appropriate. I feel fairly confident I can choose a crossfade type and allow automation to do this. I tried Virtual DJ once a long time ago and the crossfades were a nightmare with that DAW. This is why I tried to find a DAW with some automation and for the reasons above. I had 20 tracks perfectly loaded today and somehow I ruined the whole thing and had to begin a new project. The tracks on the master tracklist were different from the individual tracks because I made a few changes and apparently did not fix correctly. Thanks again MarcoStorm and please let me know if you or anyone else knows anybody who has a decent amount of tutorials. :)