Morten-kaarvand wrote on 4/3/2021, 1:13 PM

i cant use musik makerjam as good as i did before. the musicprogram i love, but is all this activation, soundpools, active or not. it has been so mutch and i know that it is me who is the problem. with my add i find making music as the best medisin. but when i have so mutch trouble i can say and do wery stupid things. now i see an epost were i have channel a program i payed for. maybe it is musicmakerjam premium 2021. or is it unlimited loops. i dont know. can someone tell me what has happend it has for almost a year now beem written acquared or some thing like that on unlimited loops so that is older then this mail i recived that as i wich something was removed ?????????????????????????????????????????????????



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