Hi, bought sound forge pro 16 suite, I didn't get spectralayers PRO

Bavanity wrote on 12/5/2022, 9:40 AM

Hi there, my first post.

Previously owned an older sound forge, upgraded to 16 pro suite.

It clearly claims on the product page that I get Steinberg Spectra Layers Pro 9.

Even in my purchase email it has a serial number for Spectra Layers Pro 9, that's how it's listed.

So I registered in the Steinberg Download App as instructed, and it has installed Spectra Layers 9 ONE. There is a huge difference between pro and one, ONE is a baby version so to speak missing many of the big features.

The BF deal and upgrade price including such a great program was one of THE main draws for me.

BTW if I open spectralayers via ARA in Sound Forge, it is once again Spectralayers One. This is the absolute bottom of the range edition of the three spectralayers tiers available, with PRO being the highest and what I was expecting.

Can anyone help, please?


Kind regards


Bavanity wrote on 12/5/2022, 9:44 AM

I have worked it out as soon as I posted, my sincere apologies!

I had to open the Steinberg Auth Manager and press activate, and it turned my Spectra Layers ONE into PRO.

Thanks again!

craig-d wrote on 12/7/2022, 2:43 AM

hi @Bavanity, and welcome to the forums! yeah, there has been a bit of confusion since Steinberg changed the way their programs are registered and activated...personally, i think it's an improvement to the eLicenser they were using, but it's often a bit confusing at first when you change a system. glad you got it worked out!

Bavanity wrote on 12/7/2022, 7:51 AM

Thanks! I personally loved the elicenser, but I am a fan of dongles because I feel they are safer if a company folds plus I can move them from PC to PC without limits. Look what happened with accusonus recently, I lost all use of rhytmiq and beatformer which I paid good money for cause of a problem with old serials and their auth system. Their attitude, after selling for 100 million euro, is "we can't generate a new serial for you, so bad so sad".

i.e. I detest challenge response, you are always at mercy of dev and their servers, so I really do hope Magix around forever as I bought both the acid pro suite and SF pro suite the other day and they use C/R.

Anyway, Sound forge is very nice software but acid is SO broken in so many ways.. 17 crashes in the first 24 hours, but that's a story for another forum section. Cheers.

SP. wrote on 12/7/2022, 8:19 AM

@Bavanity You can still redownload the old apps from Accusonus in your user account (or from here https://accusonus.com/downloads ) or did you lose the serial number? They should work fine. I think in most apps they patched out the license check with their servers so they should work until DAWs and operating systems will drop support.

Bavanity wrote on 12/7/2022, 8:36 AM

No mate, I explained it wrong. Not only do I have all my order emails and serial numbers, my serial numbers are invalid. I was told I took too long to try authorise them and they "died" and they can't generate new ones. Exact words. I will show you the emails., I bought them but then got very ill and gave up music for a couple years.. I guess I wasn't informed that numbers go bad! I am happy to post the email if you think I am misunderstanding.

exact words:

"Since the tools were never activated in the past unfortunately the keys have now expired. This operation is irreversible since we've stopped new key generations".

and that's a lie as I at least activated beatformer, I used it.

SP. wrote on 12/7/2022, 9:14 AM

@Bavanity Wow, that is wrong. Paying customers get no support, they didn't even refund you? At least it is possible to find patched versions of these plugins on the Internet.

Bavanity wrote on 12/7/2022, 12:07 PM

100 million euro deal and do you think they refunded me? Exactly. People like this always meet their karma so I am not worried. Thanks for your support, sincerely.