hi, i've magix 15 delux . beside editing, i need to video record screen.

talelie wrote on 5/24/2011, 12:22 PM

hi, i've asked you three times, the same question. you've been kind, but it was not helpfull. i'll try to explane my self in a better way.

i've magix 15 delux from you. now my needs have been changed. beside editing, i need to video record screen. important- its neccessary to record both video & sound.

if needed, i'm weeling to upgrade magix 15 delux, to a progresive one.

a month ago, it was important, now it's urgent! need an immediate answer!




john-auvil wrote on 5/24/2011, 12:58 PM

This is a user-to-user area, not Magix Support.


You say you have Magix 15 Deluxe. What is that? Magix is the name of the company.


If you need to record audio & video, you should look at their video products like Movie Edit Pro.

Man o' Lakes wrote on 5/25/2011, 1:26 AM

Hi there, maybe you have Video Deluxe? Here in the English forum, the program is sold under the name of Movie Edit Pro 17, and 17 Plus. Now something very important.  You can only record the screen in the Plus version of 17, atleast in the MEP versions. If it needs to happen quickly, get a download version. It doesn't get quicker than that. Cheers, M o' L.