john-auvil wrote on 1/26/2011, 9:14 AM

Insert the CD


use the Media Pool in the Music Maker and click on File Manager, then click on CD-ROM, and drag in the track you want.


You might want to carry out the remix agent so you can get the basic BPM (Beats Per Minute) then use the sound samples or virtual instruments for the drums and add them into the arrangement.

nihon94 wrote on 1/26/2011, 9:29 AM



You are using Music Maker 16 and you want to import audio files from CD also want to add drum right?


Open Music Maker, insert your CD in to the CD-Rom of computer. Now follow the steps

You should turn off easy mode to use File manager. This is how easy mode is off, this is located at top left.Refer screen shot below.

Screen shot is from Music Maker 16 Premum but in MM 16 it will be similar. on left there is CD Rom click on that and browse, for Drive you can click on TV shape Icon, under File Manager.

Browse your cd then locate the audio you want to use drag and drop on Music Maker arranger(work space track 1)

After doing it is upto you from which style you want to use Drum, Hip hop, Techno or else, refer screen shot below for example only it is from MMM 16 Premium. Under Instruments you can see Drum click on that the put cursor on any audio you like it will be played if you are satisfied just drag and drop on arranger where you want.(steps Click on styles Click on Drums then choose from various audio available. For listening, click once and listen)

Finally do not forget to save your project from time to time. When you complete your editing you can export your final work as Mp3, wave etc.


If need further help send message.

Thank you