nihon94 wrote on 11/20/2010, 6:35 PM

Hi Baadshaa,


We can not import wave file in beatbox 2 even in Music Maker but we have to use File manager then drag and drop on arranger if needed.


Do as follows:

Open Magix Music Maker(I use MMM 16 Premium)

Drag and Drop Bass n Drum

in Drum section on right near Random Rythm there is a drop down menu click on

it and choose INDIA

it got a little bit Tabla music click on Power to exit music will be added on arranger but


if you want to use Beat Box 2 then again drag and drop it on arranger and there are many presets choose any one then if you find any sound near to tabla stop there and look at left side instruments keep the sound of Tabla(I am sure not available) and delete rest by clicking on squares. When done exit and your music will be added on aranger later, save them first as arrangement then export in wave or mp3.


I think in some soundpool there are Tabla but I have to check if you want to know.


If need help send message


Procyon wrote on 11/20/2010, 7:18 PM

You can import WAV files into BeatBox 2.  Apparently, the ONLY way it can be done is to "drag and drop" the WAV file from Windows Explorer directly into an open instrument slot in Beatbox 2.


After creating or modifying your drum kit, it's a VERY good idea to SAVE it.  That way it will always be there when you open the arrangement, or you need it for a new arrangement.

Make sure not to move any of the wav files used in your drum kits.


If you want to learn the details on how to use BeatBox 2 better, click on the question mark button at the top right corner of BeatBox 2. Click on BeatBox 2 Plus in the index on the left side (if it's not already open), then click on any topic at the bottom of the help window on the right under "BeatBox Elements".


BTW...There are tabla rhythms in the TechnoTrance_7 soundpool from MM-10 Deluxe.  They are likely also available on the Soundpool 10 DVD.  WAV files of single tabla hits could be extracted from these rhythms, or you can probably get wav sample files elsewhere.