How Can I Turn Off the Scissors Icon?

Xenofex2 wrote on 9/30/2020, 10:34 AM

How can I 'turn off' the scissors icon from showing whenever I place my mouse on the track interface?

I am in the process of importing my CD collection and keeping a MP3 copy and whilst slowly slowly, there has not really been a problem.

However, now, all of a sudden, wherever I place the mouse, it shows the scissors function. I don't wish to split a track but would like in some instances to lower the sound level. Must have clicked on something but cannot see anything obvious.

Would appreciate suggestions please.



Xenofex2 wrote on 9/30/2020, 2:16 PM

Solved. The longer I thought about it I recalled something happening ages ago. I have just scrolled through the Forum for ACL and finally found the same Q&A. Control V worked.