ReverendLove wrote on 12/30/2016, 2:22 PM

Simple: There is none, or seriously written: Only by occasion and mercy of magix.
So they offered an "upgrade" for Spectralayers 4 via the SF notify function the last weeks for "only" 199€. I am with SL since the 2nd Version and Sound Forge since 7.
SLP4 is mainly a very expensive service upgrade for SLP3 with two marginal extensions. If you don't need the communication between SLP4 and Pro Tools you don't need SLP4. Second feature to mention is grouping of layers.
You can try SLP4 for 30 days. I did it for two, was very disappointed, did an uninstall and this messed up communication between SLP3 and Sound Forge. I had to install them both from scratch. before I tried SLP they told me at magix that SLP4 works independently and would do no harm. Either they don't know what they are writing or they lied.

DivideFrame wrote on 12/30/2016, 3:35 PM

Hi george-napier,

I'll forward your question to the marketing team.

ReverendLove, SLP4 also handle multiple projects in the same session, the frequency and harmonic selection tools have a new "lock to clicked frequency" option that make frequency selection much faster (once clicked, a quick swipe select a whole time range by tracking how the frequency change over time), some ergonomy improvements here and there, the history is now much more exhaustive, and last but not least a lot of stability enhancements. The next SLP4 patch will also further improve performances over SLP3. Theses are a lot of tiny details that don't make "big features" but added together they improve the work experience significantly. SLP1/SLP2 SLP3/SLP4 upgrades can be somehow compared to Intel's tick-tock upgrade model.

ReverendLove wrote on 12/30/2016, 4:13 PM

As I wrote, DivideFrame, I tested it extensively, as you suggested, and the functions justify probably a service upgrade. Maybe I wouldn't be that disappointed and harsh if my questions got other answers than I got the last weeks. A german marketing member for example wrote, that SLP won't mess with my SLP3, what simply wasn't true. From my point the price is a rip off to release you from loyal customers as I was two weeks before eight years. I have to look for ROI as you do. I hope for competitors coming soon. Until then I stay with SLP3. I am not surprised that you don't share this view.

All this is very sad because I know that people like you are very engaged and do a dammned good job.

ReverendLove wrote on 12/30/2016, 4:47 PM

And I really cannot take the comparison to intel's upgrade policy seriously. There you have to change hardware. We are writing about software evolution and upgrades. At the end your customers who use earlier versions pay research and development with their input and experience. Ignoring this is ignoring loyality and very unusual in the sound prosumer market.

george-napier wrote on 12/30/2016, 4:52 PM

Thank you for forwarding my message. I'd love to upgrade before the end of the tax year!

RL: I agree that 199EUR does seem a little steep. I'm willing to cut them a little slack though. New company, "new products". I'm sure there are pressures to realize targets, etc.

I use everything BUT ProTools unfortunately. I hope the plans for integration expand to other DAWs.


Thank you for the responses.


ReverendLove wrote on 12/30/2016, 5:03 PM

First try, then maybe buy, George.

ReverendLove wrote on 12/30/2016, 6:17 PM

BTW: SLP4 was developed by Sony first.

MrSoundman wrote on 12/30/2016, 6:33 PM

I have to say I am totally baffled at MAGIX's marketing approach. How does it make sense to release SLP4 (announced at NAMM, but never materialised from Sony) but not advertise it properly, and then effectively penalise customers who missed the very short introductory offer?

george-napier wrote on 12/30/2016, 7:04 PM

I have to say I am totally baffled at MAGIX's marketing approach. How does it make sense to release SLP4 (announced at NAMM, but never materialised from Sony) but not advertise it properly, and then effectively penalise customers who missed the very short introductory offer?

It's a little...odd. I can't imagine they don't have a reasonable upgrade pricing path...this is the current SLP and SF customers' first transactional experience with MAGIX. Surely they will make it a good one.

You can only make a first impression once...!


Cielspacing wrote on 2/5/2017, 10:16 AM

Just saw a new upgrade link (and price) for Spectralayers PRO:
That is EUR149 for all previous versions.
It does look more reasonable than the short-lived EUR199 offer received over a month ago. Still Magix does not say if this is a new regular upgrade pricing scheme ...or it is just a temporary offer. In which case the duration lapse is still missing, for us customers be able to fit such expense in our budget planning.

///Went through the Buy/Upgrade process and noticed the option to apply COUPON codes there. This is something that Magix could bring into effect in order to incentive loyalty, or forum participation, or its ecosystem (by way of rewarding owners of several Magix products), temporary calls of attention for this still niche product, etc. I hope their marketing team is able to see this.

ReverendLove wrote on 2/8/2017, 7:39 AM

To be fair: This is a step in the right direction. And now I am considering getting SL4.
But I think for this unique product Magix should take that it would be worth more to get new customers than to get most of profit from existing customers.
On the long run that doesn't pay much. Anything but that: Existing customers will be alienated by having no reasnonable upgrade options.
With those kind of products magix shouldn't be run after being fat but smart.
I had a very, very ugly support issue with Sound Forge. There was such a lack of knowledge of their now own product that I was really angry.
OK: Customers of SL or SF are kind of nerds but we decided not to go with the main stream and that should magix care for. The masses go for Wavelab or Izotope's RX.
And Eventide is going to build a surgical tool too. Time won't stop.

Cielspacing wrote on 2/12/2017, 10:21 AM

"To be fair: This is a step in the right direction. And now I am considering getting SL4."

Yes, I agree. This Magix action was responsive and relatively fast, definitely a step into a brighter future for all involved; the company, developers, community and users of all kinds.

///Out of the already proven Divideframe's (developer) mastery and past accomplishments, I am actively planning to get Version 4 upgrade as well. I don't use Protools and probably am not going to improve much my workflow with Spectralayers 4 published features, however at this point I am mostly attracted by those under the hood maintenance fixes and improvements /*1, plus want to check that "Lock to Frequency" feature in case it helps.
/*1, Spectralayers V4 was days ago updated to 4.0.75
• Memory, loading and history optimization
• History increased to 24 actions
• Fix display on high-dpi screens with float ratio (Windows)
• New Show ASIO Panel option in Device Preferences
• Improved documentation


Would the update price had been at around EUR 50-70, I'd had bought it on the release date, but at EUR149, it will need to wait. After BF + Holidays sales m​​​y budget will only allow to acquire V4 update, at the tax returns yearly income bubble occurring at May, which could be accommodated via credit card as soon as early April...
Hope Magix stands for this pricing, furthermore ideally releases focused incentives(coupons), otherwise I would have to skip this version altogether. Have in mind that Ableton's Live 10 could be released very near that time lapse. Last time (V9) Ableton allowed for April payments (near to tax return season at several places, including my little country at SouthAmerica and UK)...

Cielspacing wrote on 2/20/2017, 7:00 PM

Just saw Valentine's Day LOVE40 coupon with a 40% discount for VEGAS products, ending today!!
Great idea. What next anniversary could be expected for Spectralayers products...?
I tried the coupon on the upgrade to no avail this time. Anyway got my interest up in keep visiting 😅