How do I get my VST3 instrument plugins working again in AP10?

Rednroll wrote on 7/22/2021, 10:54 AM

I've really been making an effort to stick with Acid but the more I use it, the more it frustrates me and pushes me towards another host program.

One of the things I really like about Acid is the functionality of the Plug-In Manager in being able to organize my plugins into different categories so they're easier for me to find.

So I just finished installing a bunch of Ample Sounds VSTi plugins, choose to install both the VST3 and VST2 64 bit versions. The next thing I did was organize them in the plugin manager by creating 3 separate folders named "Bass Guitars", "Guitars Acoustic", and "Guitars Electric" instead of grouping them all into the default "Guitars and Basses" category folder. Additionally I create a folder called "zDuplicate" folder, where I stick all Duplicates of the same plugin so they're available, yet out of the way. So in this instance I placed all the VST2 versions of the same instrument plugin into that "zDuplicate" folder since I tested out all the VST3 versions and confirmed they functioned inside of Acid.

The next time I fire up Acid, all the VST3 versions I placed in the "Guitars Acoustic" and "Guitars Electric" folders are no longer there except for one, but the ones I placed in the "Bass Guitars" folder are all there. I find they have been moved to the "No Category" folder. Thinking....ok, I just need to go back and redo the categorization again on those plugins that mysteriously got moved and hopefully everything will be fine. Nope! All those plugins that got shifted into the No Category folder, no longer work. They won't even load! Yet all the ones that didn't get moved out of the "Bass Guitars" folder still function fine and are VST3 plugins as well. Now only the VST2 versions of those plugins which got shifted around that I stuck in the "zDuplicate" folder function.

Thinking maybe there's something wrong with these particular VST3 plugins, I fire up Reaper. Yep...Reaper scanning the exact same VST folders as Acid but they work fine in Reaper. I fire up Ample Sound's plugin-host application, yep work fine there as well. I use Ample Sound's "Activation Manager" to check to ensure all the plugins are still activated. problems there either, all show they're activated.

How do I get these plugins back to working? I tried a manual Re-scan of the VST3 folder they're in and that didn't work.


Rednroll wrote on 7/23/2021, 12:00 PM

Well, I guess I figured it out. I had these plugins installed in a sub directory of ...\VST3\Ample Sound\.

Moving a few of them into the main \VST3\ folder instead of them being in the sub folder, restarting ACID, where ACID re-scanned again and now they're back to loading and working in Acid. What a finicky messed up mess of handling plugins.