nihon94 wrote on 1/6/2012, 10:17 PM

If you got soundpool collection dvd or downloaded some where on computer. First save it on computer or you can use external drive. Also remember, where ever you save do not move folder later, because if you move, you can not open your saved projects. That will show file can not found.

It is not a problem if the method is for MMM 16 or or up version just follow the method. Please read tutorial with images and text that will give you and idea what to do and how to do regarding soundpool problems:

Also giving you some details here: It is better to save soundpool on computer or on external drive but not inside Program folder because that will consume a lot of hard drive space.

First save your soundpool folder after that click on Add style browse your recenlty saved soundpool folder click on folder click OK your soundpool items will be added in the library. (You can find full details in above tutorial)

Hope this answer will help you if not sorry.