How do i make acapellas in time with beat?

Geldinho wrote on 3/1/2008, 3:16 PM
I am using music maker 2008 and I am a total novice. I import acapella file from my computer and a remix editor pops up looking for the correct bpm. When this is done automatically it is completely wrong and way too fast. I tried the tap method but because it is hard to judge with no beat i cant get it to "lock" on any bpm setting. It would be easier to input the bpm myself and use trial and error. Is this possible. If not what methods do you other guys use? thanks


NoTurning wrote on 6/19/2008, 8:19 AM
Hi Geldinho,
An easy fix is to import your acapella sound into Music Maker and cancel the remix editor. Then double click the acapella wav sample in the arranger window and up pops all your tools including EQ, compressor and the ability to change a samples TEMPO and pitch. Experiment away and preview your changes without closing the window. Once your acapella sounds match the rhythm - close the window and you're done!
I've had a similar struggle and use this same method... it works extremely well.