How do I make Acid 10 work in 64bit?

chris-speed wrote on 12/23/2018, 8:30 PM

Hi, When I loaded Music Studio 10 it automatically went to "program files (x86)" which I believe for a 32bit OS. I'm running windows 10, 64bit. I'm also trying to get Band in a Box (64bit) 2019 and some VST2 plugins to be recognized by Acid 10 without any luck. Somehow I need to tell Acid to run in 64Bit mode. Big fan since Acid 1, 30 years ago? Any help, greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris.


emmrecs wrote on 12/24/2018, 3:59 AM

Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

First, you will see I have moved your post from the Video area of the forum to that for Audio products. It is really helpful if posts are made to the correct forum area.

I don't own Music Studio but if it is a 32 bit app, as you write, then it will correctly install in to the Program Files (x86) folder. The fact you are running a 64 bit version of Windows has NO effect on this.

Your next sentences somewhat confuse me, because, having written about "Music Studio" you then talk about "Acid 10". However, I think the "core" of your question really concerns the fact that you want to run 64 bit VSTs in a 32 bit app. Is that correct? If so, natively you can't!. 32 bit VSTs need a 32 bit app; 64 bit VTs a 64 bit app. You cannot

tell Acid to run in 64Bit mode

it won't happen!

What you have to do is enable the 32 bit VSTs to run in a 64 bit environment and vice versa. (I thought more recent versions of Acid included a bridge to allow this, but clearly not in your installation.) You need to buy, download and install jBridge, run it and allow it to create compatible versions of the VSTs that you wish to use in the other "bittage". (Do ensure you read carefully the advice and instructions in jBridge about using it and where to store the adapted VSTs.)


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sheppo wrote on 12/24/2018, 7:55 AM

Hi @chris-speed - As emmrecs points out, Acid Music Studio 10 is only a 32bit application. In windows, if you are running a 64bit version of the operating system 32bit applications are installed in to program files (x86) - just so you know that it is the 32bit (x86 architecture) version of the application.

Also as emmrecs alluded to, there is a third party tool called jbridge that allows using VSTs from one architecture on another, e.g. a 64bit version of a VST in a 32bit application. This feature will ship in a later version of Acid Pro, but as yet I am not aware of any plans to bring this to Acid Music Studio.

The jBridge site ( offers a demo which you can try to see if it functionally works for you and the specific plugins you are using. However, you may also find that your VSTs all have a 32bit version available, just potentially not installed..

chris-speed wrote on 12/24/2018, 4:15 PM

Hi, Thanks for your help. I just read the Music Studio 10 packaging again and I see that it reads:-

"Windows 10 compatible, 32bit & 64bit systems"

I see now that my mistake was thinking it was either 32bit or 64bit when it is only 32bit program.

I'll give jbridge a try. Thanks again.