How do I put sound pools I purchased online from MAGIX into MMM 17?

damone-h wrote on 6/26/2018, 5:13 PM

I recently purchased 4 soundpools from MAGIX Computer Products International Co digitally.. And I cant install them into MMM. I have the files but how can I bring them into mmm? I tried to go on sound pool and upload , but it does nothing. My mouth is watering to use the soundpools what can I do?




ralftaro wrote on 7/12/2018, 6:45 AM


Exactly how/where did you purchase those soundpools, and what form were they delivered in? If you got these via ProducerPlanet or Catooh, they would have come in a ZIP file. You'd simply need to extract this to a location on your hard drive (while maintaining the sub folder structure within the ZIP file). Once you have unpacked the pools, point the Music Maker soundpool database function to add soundpools to the location that you unpacked the ZIPs to.

By the way, if you're really using version 17 of Music Maker (as opposed to version 2017), you might want to consider an update. First of all, your version might not even really be suitable for the most current Windows versions. Secondly, the soundpool database and manager may not work properly with the new soundpool names that we introduced a few years ago. You'd still be able to use the loops (e.g. via the file browser), but the more comfortable management via the soundpool manager might not be available. You can grab the free version of the current Music Maker generation here:

If you're using version 2017, you'll be good. However, in this case, you might also want to consider this free upgrade, especially since you'd be able to enter the Music Maker 2017 serial number into the free Music Maker 2019 activation dialogue to unlock the features and instruments associated with your older version.

I hope this helps!