Man o' Lakes wrote on 9/16/2010, 4:45 AM

Hi there,


which program are you using?

harryrandall wrote on 9/16/2010, 8:38 AM


Thanks for your reply - I am using Magix Video Easy.  Would appreciate any advice you can give.

john-auvil wrote on 9/22/2010, 2:42 PM

OK, for me... once the project or video is loaded into the program, I click on Finish Video, then to Burn, Burn as DVD, Encoder Settings, Advanced, then select NTSC, and press OK, then from there back to the encoding screen you can select the NTSC setting you want.


Then burn, that should work, at least in theory, I do not have any PAL video to test with now.

Man o' Lakes wrote on 11/3/2010, 4:40 AM

Ok sorry, but you can't change that in Video Easy (at least not as far as I can see). You would need something more powerful such as MEP 17?



M o' L