DivideFrame wrote on 3/4/2017, 3:12 PM

Hi, there are no automatic notifications but whenever a new update is available, I make a new post here.
SLP 4.0.80 is going through Magix's pipeline, I guess it should go live early next week.
You can get early access to it here: Windows / Mac

• Better ASIO settings support
• ASIO sample rate default to preferred ASIO sample rate
• Better offline registration experience
• Smarter channel mute toggle
• Add connection support for Sequoia and Samplitude
(to be more clear : the next version of Sequoia/Samplitude)

Bob_Olhsson wrote on 3/4/2017, 3:55 PM


Bob_Olhsson wrote on 3/9/2017, 8:00 AM

It's up now. For some reason there is no version number.

DivideFrame wrote on 3/9/2017, 8:11 AM

You mean the file itself has no version number ? Yeah, seems to be Magix's policy...

ChristoC wrote on 4/21/2017, 11:53 PM

OK now I finally found this Forum through the obscure pathways of Magix, and discovered there's an Update to V4; but it looks like just bug fixes for previous version; what is actually "new" that makes me part with $ for update?

DivideFrame wrote on 4/22/2017, 1:46 AM

All the updates to v4 are free. Just redownload the installer from Magix website and install over previous v4.