How do you control the volume?

matdgr81 wrote on 6/1/2009, 7:58 AM
I have a video that I added credits to the end of and I added a song during the credits.  When I burned the dvd the first time the volume of the song was way too low.  So I went back and the only the thing I could find was some screen where I increased the decibals.  I burned it again, and now the volume matches the movie, but when the song comes on it kind of sounds like what it would sound like if you had blown out speakers.  Am I doing this wrong?  Is there an easier way to make the volume of the song match the volume of the video that was before it?  I have Movie Edit Pro 15 by the way.



massi04 wrote on 6/1/2009, 10:18 AM
Try Normalisation (UpperKey+N).
This function adjusts the level of your audio object.
Highlight the audio scene/s and apply it.
After this you could do some fine adjustment of the level of the audio scene itself as shown here: