NoTurning wrote on 10/13/2008, 7:55 PM

What operating system are you using? For most Windows operating systems follow these simple instructions. Here are a couple of methods.
Method A:
Open the control panel, choose classic view and click Sounds and Audio Devices. Many times the sound card is identified in the screen that follows. If not try the next steps.

Method B:
1. Hold down the Windows key in the lower left of your keyboard.
2. While holding it down, press the Pause Break key in the upper right just above Page Up. This will bring but the system properties window.
3. Next click the Hardware tan then click the Device Manager button
4. This will bring up the Device Manager window. Go down to Sound, Video and Game Controllers and click the +
5. You will now see you sound card in the list and is usually identified by the word (PCI) in the description.
If you can't tell which item is your sound card let me know and I'll help you identify.