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Unless you tell which site did you use how come someone can help right?

In case of Magix go back to


In case of samplitude go back to


And finally if you purchased online then you should have email so check that otherwise you must have bought it from store sorry you will have to ask the store if this is the case.


Note you will be needing, Payment details, such as order number and date.

Do not provide such detials here they are confidential.


Thank you



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Please read the following and choose what you need.


Support website:

The MAGIX support website offers many ways to assist you with answers to general questions and technical support needs. You can use any of the following options:

Online tutorials: These tutorials are generated to further explain a procedure within the MAGIX software.

Email support: The email support is best used to assist users who are having technical difficulties with non-demo software. Use this tool to get detailed information on problems and solutions.

Phone support:
Contact our support specialists

Phone: 1-305-722-5821

Monday - Friday between 9 am and 5 pm EST


Support forum: The support forum is a user-to-user support and communications page. This will allow you to talk to other users and compare ideas and solutions discovered by them.

Download area: The download area contains updates for known issues and improvements offered by MAGIX to registered users for their purchased program. If you have an issue with the software, then it's always best to ensure you have the latest version, and updating with the patch will ensure that you do. MAGIX products can also be updated directly from the program by clicking on "Check for updates" in the "Help" menu.

Customer service & upgrades

Periodically, MAGIX offers users who purchased their software an upgrade from a previous product to the current version. For details about an upgrade, please call us your request using the following numbers:

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (EST)

Serial number
A serial number is included with each product, and although it is not required for the installation of the software, it does enable access to additional bonus services. Please store this number in a safe place.

What can a serial number do?

A serial number ensures that your copy of Samplitude Music Studio 15 is clearly assigned to you and only you, and it makes improved and more targeted customer service possible. Abuse of the software can be prevented with a serial number, since it ensures that the optimum price/performance ratio continues to be offered by MAGIX.

Where can the serial number be found?

The serial number can be found on the reverse side of your CD/DVD case. If your product, for example, is packed in a DVD box, then you'll find the serial number on the inside.

For the versions that have been especially optimized for the Internet (download versions), you'll receive your serial number for activating the software directly after purchasing the product via email.

When will you need the serial number?

The serial number is required when you start or register Samplitude Music Studio 15 for the first time.

Note: We explicitly recommend registering your product, since only then are you entitled to get program updates and contact MAGIX Support. Entering the serial number is also required for activating codecs.


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