How many acoustic guitar riffs are there in the Rock Edition 4?

stuartbannerman wrote on 5/9/2013, 8:08 AM


I am a lyric writer, I have written hundreds of songs but I do not play guitar, and came across this software. However, before I buy it I need to make sure it is suitable for me. 

How many guitar riffs are there exactly with this software? And how many acoustic guitars riffs are there? I have purchased Band in a Box in the past and there were quite a few on there, how does this software compare in terms of numbers of riffs and quality?


Also, am I able to alter the chord of each riff? Or is each riff just how it is, and that is that?


The reason I ask is that I want to make my music unique and not just sound like every other person's song who has used this software. If I am severely limited in terms of the number of riffs I can use then it does not really seem a good option for me to buy the software.


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