How should SFPM users check for updates?

TLMuse wrote on 1/22/2018, 1:41 AM

Hi users (and maybe Magix)-

I got an email from Magix last week with a SFPM offer. I already have a SFPM 3 license, so the offer itself didn't interest me. But it made me wonder if I have the latest version. Launching my current SFPM (3.0.0 build 100) to do an update check, I was reminded that as of Magix's v3, there is no menu item for checking for updates, and no link in the Help menu item to anyplace on where users could check for current version info. Looking at the SFPM web page, there is no detailed version info that I could easily find (beyond v3).

So I'm wondering: have I missed some app update command somewhere? Is the idea just that Magix will email us if/when an update is available? It's getting close to a year since 3.0.0, so I'm just wondering what the status is and how users are expected to stay up-to-date.



Krzysztof wrote on 1/22/2018, 4:20 PM



I am interested in this as well. I was not aware that SF3 was at build 100 (i am on build 97). How is one to know of updates?